Infrared Sauna

Relax in our infrared sauna! Infrared saunas are an effective, safe, clinically backed, natural therapy.  Our sauna is comfortably warm without being hot and steamy. Far infrared saunas use infrared light to heat the body from within rather than heat the air as a traditional sauna does.  For this reason they operate at lower temperatures making them more comfortable than a traditional sauna.

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Health Benefits of  Sauna

The infrared sauna offers many well researched health benefits including:

·         Stress Relief
·         Detoxification
·         Reduction in joint pain and stiffness
·         Improved skin
·         Deeper sleep
·         Boosts the immune system
·         Improved cardiovascular performance.

For more detailed information on the benefits of our infrared sauna visit Top 11 Health Benefits of Sauna


What should I bring? 
You will want to bring water, shorts/tank or bathing suit.  We provide towels, however you may bring your own towels if you prefer.  You will need 3 towels – one to sit on, one for your feet and one to wipe off the sweat.

How long is a sauna session?
Sessions last up to 30 minutes.    If you are new to sauna we recommend starting with shorter sessions and gradually increasing the time at tolerated.  Please arrive a few minutes early for your first session.  You will need to fill out and sign a waiver.

How hot is it in the sauna?
Infrared saunas are much cooler than traditional saunas.  The temperature range is 110 to 130 degrees and the air is dry, not humid, so it is very comfortable.

What should I do when I am in the sauna?
You can read, meditate or just close your eyes and relax.  We don’t recommend bringing personal electronic devices into the sauna as the heat can cause damage to the device.

How often can I use the sauna?
You can use the infrared sauna daily.  Two to three times per week will provide the most benefit.

Are there people who shouldn’t use an infrared sauna?
There are people who should not use an infrared sauna.  If you have any concerns please consult your health care provided first.

Sauna Pricing

30 minute sauna session: $20

10 session package:  $150