Reiki (pronounced ray kee) is a Japanese technique that promotes healing through stress reduction and relaxation.  The word itself is a combination of two Japanese words rei and ki.  Rei means “higher power” and ki means “life force energy”.  Reiki is based on the idea that a life force energy flows through all of us.  When this energy is low we are more likely to feel stress or to get sick.  When this energy is high we feel happy and healthy.  This healing technique uses life force energy to heal through the laying on of hands.  The practitioner serves as a vessel that provides healing energies or ki through the palms of the hands as they are gently touching the recipient’s body.  It is a holistic approach to healing which includes body, emotions, mind and spirit.  Subtle energies within the body are balanced.  For more information check out The International Center for Reiki Training.

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