Massage Testimonials

"Treatment was effective to reduce pain from my acute issue, plus I learned preventive techniques to use at home AND got info on what NOT to do! Terrific experience."  S.F., Portland


"My extreme foot pain had been present and getting worse for over 8 months. I have tried many modalities to help my foot, including physical therapy, and only received minor and temporary relief. Marianne told me she knows about this particular problem and said she could help. I have always trusted her expertise. She used a combination of cold laser and massage and after just 1 treatment, my pain was nearly gone! Several more short treatments have helped me to walk again with absolutely no pain. Marianne not only has a depth of understanding about the human body and many different physical issues, but she has a wealth of approaches to draw from for relaxation and healing. I highly recommend In Balance Therapeutic Massage."  C.A., Scarborough

"Excellent, deep massage, as ever!"  O.T., Scarborough

"I cannot thank you enough for helping resolve the pain in my neck and shoulder.  I am now able to work and do normal daily activities without great difficulty."  A.G., Saco

"Thanks to Marianne I feel healthier, happier, more relaxed and generally free of pain."  D.N., Cape Elizabeth

"I have struggled with neck, shoulder and low back pain for many years.  By the end of my 4th massage I found myself pain free.  What a wonderful gift.  I am able to move without back pain.  I feel generally more relaxed in both mind and body."  A.M., OOB

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